Friday, 13 May 2016

JetBrains WebStorm 11 Crack Free Download

JetBrains WebStorm 11 Crack Free Download

JetBrains WebStorm 11 Crack Latest Full Free Download working in .NET, you probably know use ReSharper, and Java developers certainly had to do with IntelliJ IDEA. This relatively small company over the years has created a range of good and recommended software. You may wonder what’s the difference between PHPstorm VS WebStor; PhpStorm is WebStorm + PHP IDE.

Run a single Mocha test
WebStorm's integration with Mocha now allows you to run a single Mocha test or test suite. Simply right-click on the test name in the test file and select Run or Debug the test in the context menu.

Preview for Find in path
To make the Find in Path action more responsive, we've added a Preview tab which shows the first 100 search results right away. Find what you need quicker, without ever leaving the dialog.

Encode HTML special symbols
WebStorm can now help you encode special symbols in your HTML code, replacing them with HTML entities that start with &. Select a symbol or a block of code and invoke Encode XML/HTML Special Characters. Quick and easy!

Adjusting code style settings
Configuring your code style just got easier. Select a code fragment, press Alt+Enter and choose Adjust code style settings. Full version software link

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